Hi there! Introduce yourself, I'm new!

Hi there, everyone! I’m Hayden Clelland and your new community manager over here at the Webinerd hub. I’m new at ON24 and excited to nerd out with all of you Webinerds on marketing strategy, and best practices of ON24 and more!

But before we get into that… I’m an avid musician (absolutely love jazz, folk, rock and quite frankly everything!), love rock climbing, and run every chance I can get. I also have two crazy ferrets named Noodle and Ringo with my wife Liz.

Tell us something about you? I want to get to know you before we Webinerd out!


Hi @hayden.clelland welcome to the #webinerd community! I am Sanne and I work for TOPdesk as the webinar expert and retention marketeer. I live and work in the Netherlands. I have a feeling that we will cross paths soon!

In my ‘free’ time I love to play with my 2 little girls (they are 4 and 1), read a good book, preferably in my garden in the weather allows it. Or go for outing with the family, we love to ‘geocache’ our way around the Netherlands and hopefully in the future more of Europe and the world.

So nice to meet you, Sanne!

What part of the Netherlands do you live in?! My brother-in-law (married into my wife’s family) and good friend Ossip moved from Amsterdam a few years ago and I’m always asking him about the interesting cultural differences. I love to geocache as well on camping trips when I have time with my family!

Looking forward to partnering with you and TOPdesk to support you and your awesome marketing efforts :slight_smile:

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I live in a little town called Rhoon, which is south / connected to Rotterdam. Finally somebody that knows about geocaching… often if I mention it, I have to explain it.

I look forward working with you too!

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Hi @hayden.clelland!
Jaime here. I’ve been using ON24 since December 2020 and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. :slight_smile:

I’m based out of York, PA and also very into music. I sing and have been a part of various community theater musical productions since the mid-90’s. My last show in March was Mamma Mia where I got to play Rosie (I’m in the pink). SUCH FUN!

Looking forward to seeing you on the boards.

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